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Swash Select EM617 Bidet Seat with Warm Air Dryer

Swash Select EM617 Bidet Seat with Warm Air Dryer


The Brondell Swash EM617 brings you all the high-tech comfort of an advanced bidet toilet seat built into a sleek design. A hybrid water heating system and warm air dryer means a comfortable and complete clean. Customize your clean and save your favorite settings with a lite-touch remote.


The Brondell Swash Select collection delivers comprehensive, advanced features and designer style at our most affordable price point. Upgrade your bathroom experience with an electronic bidet toilet seat that provides a superior clean while saving you money on toilet paper


The Brondell Swash EM617 is the mid-tier model in the Swash Select collection with wireless remote control and warm air dryer.


  • Additional Specs

    • Warm air dryer drastically reduces the need for wasteful toilet paper
    • Stainless-steel nozzle is resistant to bacteria and more hygienic than plastic
    • Positionable nozzle cleans where it's needed
    • Water pressure is fully adjustable to suit every user's preference
    • Adjustable water temperature for a comfortable wash
    • Nozzle oscillation moves back and forth to clean the right area
    • Gentle Wash function provides extra comfort for sensitive users
    • Rear and front (feminine) wash have separate angles that clean in the right places
    • Ergonomic heated seat with adjustable temperature for a comfortable experience
    • Massage and Pulse provide extra nozzle movement and gentle pressure to maintain cleanliness
    • Continuous heated water doesn't run out like other tank based systems
    • Illuminating blue LED nightlight means no more night time trips to the bathroom in the dark
    • Dual Eco Mode for energy savings
    • Wireless remote control provides full, intuitive operation of all functions, also includes dock
    • Gentle-closing seat and lid means no more slams or pinched fingers
    • Quick-release seat is easily removed for cleaning
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