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Upgrade Your Toilet. Stop Toilet Paper Waste.

At Waash, we aim to help people discover the value of bidet attachments in their bathrooms with a focus on providing quality customer service..  Bidets are hygienic, waste-free, and eco-friendly alternative to using just toilet paper.

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The Average American Uses 3 Rolls of Toilet Paper Each Week—And It’s Devastating Forests.  It’s time to change our habits.

At Waash!, our mission is to educate and bring to light, the value of bidet products for your bathroom.  Using bidets can provide significant environmental and hygienic benefits versus using only toilet paper.  We want to transform the lives of everyday people, by providing a chance to experience something that they have been living without.  

We curate the best type of bidet attachment to suit your needs, focusing on quality and customer service.

Bidets are used all over the world, and already provides hygienic value for everyday citizens throughout the globe. 

Our committment

Premium High-Quality Products Only

At Waash!, we believe that your home or establishment should reflect your own personal style.  Unlike Amazon or EBay, where you’re bombarded with unknown brands and no customer care, we only provide the top quality products from leading manufacturers.  

What differentiates us from other retailers, is our customer service.  For those that are new to the products, we understand that adoption can be difficult.  That is why we work with you to find the best product type to suit your needs.

We source our products from top wholesalers and suppliers in the US to bring you the best quality and fastest delivery time.

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Harsh truths about toilet paper

  • According to, Americans use 36.5 billion rolls of toilet paper annually, representing some 15 million trees

  • ​​A single roll of toilet paper requires 37 gallons of water

  • Americans spend $120 per year the on toilet paper and similar paper products per year, as per a recent Statista study.


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Commercial program

At Waash, we believe the missing link toward a larger bidet adoption is that they can be impossible to find in public venues.  We provide comprehensive consultation for venues such as hotels, airbnb’s, senior care facilities, and shopping malls.

Toilet paper usage at hotels can add up quickly. On average, guests use eight or nine sheets per visit, which means two guests in a room might use as many as 114 sheets per day

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